Selecting Your Custom Home Builder

This is by far the most important task of the new home construction process; there are four key words for this task, passion, commitment, integrity, and fit.

  • Select a builder who truly enjoys the entire process of planning, coordinating and physically working on-site, someone who get excited by new ideas and who has the ability to translate the customers dreams into reality.
  • The builder is fully responsible for making your dream home a reality, he needs to be on-site 100% of every day from the beginning of the project through to completion. Any builder building more than one house at a time can't be 100% committed to your dream home.
  • Your builder must have the homeowner’s wants and needs at the forefront of every task during the building process. The builder must ensure a clean and safe work site and clearly define the tasks for every trade. It is the builder’s responsibility to ensure the customer’s vision is translated into the look and function exactly as promised.
  • Above all, the homeowner needs to feel comfortable with the builder after all there are as many personalities as there are people. Trust your instincts with this, first impressions are usually correct, make your final choice from a small group of builders capable of delivering passion, commitment and integrity.